Voice of India
Return of the Swastika: hate and hysteria versus Hindu sanity
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Author : Koenraad Elst (b.1959)
Pages : x,300p., 23cm.
Year : 2007
ISBN : 9788185990798, 8185990794
Publisher : Voice of India
Place : New Delhi
Binding : Hardcover
Price (Airmail) : INR 458.00
About the book:

The essays in this volume deal with different aspects of the relation or non-relation between Hinduism and National-Socialism, and about the discourse that either mindlessly or maliciously posits such a relation. Research into the crime of defamation and into the peculiar mindset of Hitler-obsessed monomaniacs is the kind of dirty work that somebody had to do. This collection may be considered as a sequel to Dr. Koenraad Elst's book The Saffron Swastika (Voice of India, 2001), developing some of the themes introduced there further, largely in response to more recent writings of others. This includes the evaluation of the pre 1998 predictions that the BJP, once in government (1998-2004), would bare its fascist fangs; a reflection on Mahatma Gandhi's strange letters to Adolf Hitler; the neo-Marxist rhetoric amalgamating Hinduism, ecology and National-Socialism; the bizarre case of Savitri Devi Mukherji, a French lady who idealized the Nazi period which she had missed by being in India; the new line in Christian apologetics identifying Nazi doctrine with Christian heresies and with non-Christian religions; the related claim that Hitler took inspiration from Krishna and the Buddha; the allegation that RSS leader Guru Golwalkar was an admirer of Nazi Germany and the inept response by his followers to this damaging propaganda; the vilification of Islam critics both in Europe and in India as somehow agents of an ill-defined far right'; and the struggle over the swastika between its legitimate Asian users and the ignorant Westerners who have literally blackened this solar symbol.
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