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The life of Mahomet: from original sources, with an introd. to the reprint by Ram Swarup
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Author : Sir William Muir
Pages : Reprint: iv,556p., ind., 23cm.
Year : 2002
ISBN : 9788185990767, 818599076X
Publisher : Voice of India
Place : New Delhi
Binding : Paperback
Price (Airmail) : INR 524.00
About the book:

Sir William Muir's the book was first published in 1861 in four volumes, a pioneering study based wholly on orthodox original sources. An abridged edition came out in 1876. The third edition was published with important alterations in one volume in 1894. The present volume is a reprint of this edition. After Muir's Life many Lives of the Prophet have appeared, but it still remains a classic and in some ways has not yet been surpassed in comprehensiveness and in the wealth of material. This first Indian reprint is being placed primarily in the hands of Hindus so that they may study and reflect on the doctrine of Islam. For, there is very little in Islam which is not founded on and does not revolve round the personality of the Prophet. Knowledge of Islam will also lead them to knowledge of Christianity which shares its God, its prophets, and most of its monotheistic theology with the succeeding semitic creed.
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