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The concept of Hindu nation
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Author : Abhas Chatterjee (1942- )
Pages : vi,69p., 23cm.
Year : 1995
ISBN : 9788185990330, 8185990336
Publisher : Voice of India
Place : New Delhi
Binding : Paperback
Price (Airmail) : INR 181.00
About the book:

Shri Abhas Chatterjee starts by clearing some prevalent misconceptions, namely, that the word Hindu is a geographical concept, that our national identity is Bharatiya, that people who have been converted to alien and inimical ideologies are nationals, that India's culture is composite, and that we are a nation in the making. Next, he takes into account all available criteria--geography, history, culture, language, literature, art, spiritual tradition--regarding the definition of a nation, and draws the following firm conclusions: We Hindus are a Nation, not a religious community. Our national identity is Hindu not Bharatiya. The distinctive feature of our nationhood is Sanatana Dharma. Alien and inimical ideologies like Islam, Christianity and Nehruvian Secularism are not parts of our heritage. Undivided India is our ancestral homeland. We do not accept its division into India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Our goal is to re-unite the whole of our ancestral homeland, no matter how long it takes. Hindu culture is our national culture, Hindu society our national society, Hindu literature our national literature and Hindu art our national art. Hindu history is our national history. We recognize no Muslim or British period in our history. These are periods of national struggle against Islamic invaders and British colonialists. The struggle is still continuing, people subscribing to alien and inimical ideologies are minorities in our country, not nationals like Hindus. Our goal is to bring back the minorities into the national mainstream by liquidating the ideologies that have alienated our own people from us. Sanskrit is our national language along with its sister languages and all it offsprings. We Hindus are still a subjugated nation, enslaved and discriminated against by the regime subscribing to Nehruvian Secularism. We have to liberate our motherland from this alien stranglehold, earn our freedom, and establish our own nation-state. What the Hindus need most at present is an intellectual and cultural awakening. Hindus have to see with their own eyes not only themselves but also the alien ideologies which have been tormenting them for several centuries.
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