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Defence of Hindu society, 3rd enl. edition
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Author : Sita Ram Goel
Pages : Reprint of 1994: vi,118p., ind., 23cm.
Year : 2000
ISBN : 9788185990248, 8185990247
Publisher : Voice of India
Place : New Delhi
Binding : Paperback
Price (Airmail) : INR 183.00
About the book:

The first principle which Hindu society has to observe while preparing its defence is that it will stop processing and evaluating its own heritage in terms of ideas and ideals projected by closed creeds and pretentious ideologies. On the contrary, Hindu society will henceforward process and evaluate the heritage of these creeds and ideologies in terms of its own categories of thought, and find out the real worth of Christian, Islamic, Communist, and Modernist Claims. The first need of the hour, therefour, is for Hindus to become aware of the fundamentals of their own faith (Hindu Spirituality), the premises on which their own society has evolved (Hindu Sociology), and the vicissitudes which their own society has experienced in the march of Time (Hindu History). These are the three domains in which the Hindu image has been distorted to the utmost by imperialist thought systems, resulting in a deep sense of inferiority from which Hindus suffer at present.
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