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Kanhadade Prabandha (India's greatest patriotic saga of medieval times), Padmanabha's epic account of Kanhadade, tr., introd. and annotated by V.S. Bhatnagar
1991, Paperback

a fourteenth century saga of hindu heroism vis-a-vis islamic imperialism.
Perversion of India's political parlance
Goel, Sita Ram
1995, Paperback

as one surveys india\'s political parlance, the first feature one notices is that while certain people and parties are described as leftist, certain others are designated as rightist. the second feature which invites attention is that these contradistinctive labels - leftist and rightist - have never been apportioned among people and parties concerned by an impartial tribunal l ...
The concept of Hindu nation
Chatterjee, Abhas (1942- )
1995, Paperback

shri abhas chatterjee starts by clearing some prevalent misconceptions, namely, that the word hindu is a geographical concept, that our national identity is bharatiya, that people who have been converted to alien and inimical ideologies are nationals, that india\'s culture is composite, and that we are a nation in the making. next, he takes into account all available criteria- ...
Samyak-sambuddha (in Hindi)
Goel, Sita Ram
1997, Paperback
Nal-Damayanti (in Hindi)
Goel, Sita Ram
1997, Paperback
Shaktiputra Shivaji (in Hindi)
Goel, Sita Ram
1997, Paperback
Satyakam sokratej (in Hindi), tr. by Sita Ram Goel
1997, Paperback
Pandav Priya Panchali (in Hindi)
Goel, Sita Ram
1997, Paperback
Woman, church and state: a historical account of the statusof woman through the Christian ages with reminiscences of the Matriarchate
Gage, Matilda Joslyn
1997, Paperback

commenting on the horrible atrocities-massacres of population, burning of villages, capture of young males and females for sale as slaves, plunder of property-committed by the portuguese in 1532 and 1549 on hindus living in the coastal areas of saurashtra, colonel james todd had observed: it would perhaps be fortunate for christianity, if the historic muse in india were mute, a ...
Goel, Sita Ram
1999, Hardcover
Ayodhya: the case against the temple
Elst, Koenraad
2002, Hardcover

the present book is my last contribution to the literature on what is known in india as communalism, meaning the conflict between the different religions, principally hinduism and islam. my first book in this sphere of interest was ram janmabhoomi vs. babri masjid: a case study in hindu-muslim conflict (1990). it served a good purpose, viz. to break the false impression that th ...
India's only communalist: in commemoration of Sita Ram Goel
Elst, Koenraad (ed.)
2005, Hardcover

on 3 december 2003, in his home in delhi, 82-year-old historian and publisher sita ram goel passed away. he was one of india\'s most important thinkers in the post-independence era. his writings are central to the recent hindu awakening in the country that is now growing rapidly to world prominence. while his guru and colleague, ram swarup, laid the spiritual and philosophical ...
The problem of Aryan origins: from an Indian point of view, revised and enlarged edition
KD Sethna
1992, Hardcover

a vexed question is taken up in all its details and an answer elaborated with unconventional results. many of our pet ideas are shown to be baseless and the current division of aryan and dravidian which has caused a good deal of bad blood is resolved with the help of history, archaeology, literature and linguistics forming a comprehensive framework for the insights and res ...
Catholic ashrams: sannyasins or swindlers? (enlarged edition with new appendices)
Goel, Sita Ram
2009, Paperback

the emergence of catholic ashrams in several parts of the country is not an isolated development. these institutions are links in a chain which is known as the ashram movement, and which different denominations of christianity are promoting in concert. the protestants and the syrian orthodox have evolved similar establishments. taken together, these institutions are known as ch ...
The Aryan invasion theory: a reappraisal, with a foreword by S.R. Rao
Shrikant G Talageri
2003, Hardcover

this works examines critically the evidence presented by the invasionist scholars, and points out its contradictions as well as its acrobatics. author presents positive evidence in support of his own thesis that india is the original homeland of the aryans. his most original contribution is the evidence he has marshalled from the puranas which alone provide the proper pers ...
Academic Hinduphobia: a critique of Wendy Doniger's erotic school of indology
Rajiv Malhotra
2016, Paperback

the departments for the study of ancient india (indology) and south asian studies in the west are the last bastions of colonialism today. in the name of scholarship, which is often hatred and racism in disguise, hindus are routinely characterized as misogynists, oppressive, anti-minority, irrational, violent and debauched. the author terms this mass-produced hate-mongering ...
Samskrtik asmita ki pratik: GOMATA (Set)
Pankaj, Rameswar Misra
2015, Paperback