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Muslim league attack on Sikhs and Hindus in the Punjab 1947, comp. for the SGPC by S. Gurbachan Singh Talib, introd. tothe reprint by Ram Swarup
1991, Paperback

this volume is a reprint of an old book compiled in 1947 by sardar gurbachan singh talib, principal of the lyallpur khalsa college, jullundur, and published in 1950 by the shiromani gurdwara parbandhak committee. it records the story of 7-million hindus and sikhs who were uprooted from their homes in the west punjab, the north-western frontier, sind and parts of kashmir, and th ...
Jihad: the Islamic doctrine of permanent war
Majumdar, Suhas
2004, Paperback

this book is one of the basic doctrines of islam, but the average indian\'s knowledge of it is both superficial and unsatisfactory. hindus usually render the term as dharmayuddha, but this rendering is totally misleading. dharmayuddha means `war fought according to rules laid down in the dharmashastras\' such as not attacking a person who does not have a weapon or has dropped i ...
Muslim separatism: causes and consequences
Goel, Sita Ram (b.1921)
2002, Paperback

contents: 1. the two behaviour patterns, 2. the national territorial tradition, 3. the national historical tradition, 4. the business of blaming the british, 5. the frustration of islam in india, 6. islmaic atavism renamed muslim revivalism, 7. journey from jihad to jee-huzuri, 8. national resurgence reviled as hindu revivalism, 9. loss of privileges portrayed as privation, 10. ...
Jizyah and the spread of Islam
Narain, Harsh
1997, Paperback

the quran prescribes jizyah in a jihadic verse, revealed about 631 a.d., i.e. about a year after the capture of mecca by the prophet in 630 a.d., envisaging compounding of refusal to embrace islam by paying jizyah. mohomed marmaduke pickthall translates the full verse thus: \'fight against such of those who have been given the scripture as believe not in allah nor the last day, ...
Hindu view of Christianity and Islam, 2nd edition
Ram Swarup
1995, Paperback

hitherto, scholars have looked at hinduism through the eyes of christianity and islam, but here an attempt has been made to discuss them from the viewpoint of hindu spirituality. the two prophetic religions have a long history of conflict but they also share a common spiritual perspective. almost from their birth, they have been systematic persecutors of pagan religions, cultur ...
The Saffron swastika: the notion of `Hindu fascism', 2 vols (Set)
Elst, Koenraad
2001, Hardcover

one of the rare matters on which all known religions seem to agree, is the condemnation of calumny as an extremely grave evil. calumny carries little risk to the perpetrator but can inflict enormous damage on the targeted individual or group, not through the calumniator\'s own hands but through those of all who lend credence to his words. it is both cowardly and destructive. in ...
India's only communalist: in commemoration of Sita Ram Goel
Elst, Koenraad (ed.)
2005, Hardcover

on 3 december 2003, in his home in delhi, 82-year-old historian and publisher sita ram goel passed away. he was one of india\'s most important thinkers in the post-independence era. his writings are central to the recent hindu awakening in the country that is now growing rapidly to world prominence. while his guru and colleague, ram swarup, laid the spiritual and philosophical ...
The Calcutta Quran petition, comp. with an introd. by Sita Ram Goel, 3rd rev. and enl. edition
2012, Paperback

the writ petition had placed before the court 85 ayats from the quran which command muslims to practise a particular behaviour pattern towards non-muslims. the point to be considered by the court was whether there was substance in the petitioners\' plea that the behaviour pattern prescribed by the quran was inimical to public peace, communal harmony, and religious beliefs of th ...