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Inner yoga (antaryoga), transl. from Bengali by Simanta Narayan Chatterjee, with an introd. by Ram Swarup
1995, Paperback

the katha upanishad says that man in the ordinary course looks outward but some seeking a greater life turn their gaze inward (avrttachakshu), and there they find the immortal life of their true self. yoga consists in developing this inward and upward look. taking the celebrated yogasutras of patanjali as his framework, sri anirvan explains the eight limbs of patanjala yoga in ...
A Muslim missionary in mediaeval Kashmir (being the English translation of Tohfatu'l-Ahbab), English tr., annotationr andintrod. by Kashinath Pandit
2009, Hardcover

a muslim missionary in mediaeval kashmirsi work tohfatu\'l-ahbab, the biography of shamsu\'d-din muhammad araki, an iranian shi`a muslim the 13th century mongol incursions into the vast asian region and across the great himalayan watershed disrupted the entire trading network of the asian continent of those days. it consequences were particular disastrous for landlocked kashmir ...
Antaryog, transl. from Bangla by Gaurisankar Mohta, introd.by Ram Swarup
2010, Paperback

sri anirvan was born in 1896 in mymensingh in eastern bengal (now bangladesh). after his schooling (largely the study of sanskrit and india\'s scriptures), he lived for twelve years in assam at the ashram of his tantric guru, swami nigamananda. then in 1930, at the age of thirty-four, he left the ashram to become a free wanderer. living sometimes in quiet himalayan retreats, so ...