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Islam vis-a-vis Hindu temples
Goel, Sita Ram
2015, Paperback
Hindu temples: what happened to them, Vol.1: a preliminary survey, rev. and enl. ed., compl. and ed. by Sita Ram Goel
2013, Paperback

the present volume makes no pretence of presenting such a study, but by choice restricts itself mainly to the study of hindu temples destroyed and desecrated and converted into mosque and khanqabs without overlooking muslim\'s idology of iconoclasm; here and there, it also mentions other theological props and concomitants of the iconoclastic ideology.
Hindu temples: what happened to them, Vol.2: The Islamic evidence, 2nd enl. ed
Goel, Sita Ram (b.1921)
2013, Paperback

the subject of this volume is not so much the destruction of hindu temples as the character of islam - an imperialist ideology of terrorism and genocide masquerading as a religion, in fact, as the only true religion. it is high time for hindus to see islam not with its own eyes but from the viewpoint of the great spiritual vision which is their inheritance.