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Perversion of India's political parlance
Goel, Sita Ram
1995, Paperback

as one surveys india\'s political parlance, the first feature one notices is that while certain people and parties are described as leftist, certain others are designated as rightist. the second feature which invites attention is that these contradistinctive labels - leftist and rightist - have never been apportioned among people and parties concerned by an impartial tribunal l ...
In the path of God: Islam and political power
Pipes, Daniel
2001, Paperback

the first two sections of in the path of god present a historical analysis of islam and politics; nearly two decades after the book\'s original publication in 1983, they stand up well. most ideas have been confirmed by recent experience and research, though with some exceptions. in contrast, the third section, islam in current affairs, can only be read today for an understandin ...
Perversion of India's political parlance
Sita Ram Goel
2015, Paperback