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Islam vis-a-vis Hindu temples
Sita Ram Goel
2015, Paperback
Jihad: the Islamic doctrine of permanent war
Suhas Majumdar
2016, Paperback

this book is one of the basic doctrines of islam, but the average indian\'s knowledge of it is both superficial and unsatisfactory. hindus usually render the term as dharmayuddha, but this rendering is totally misleading. dharmayuddha means `war fought according to rules laid down in the dharmashastras\' such as not attacking a person who does not have a weapon or has dropped i ...
Jizyah and the spread of Islam
Harsh Narain
1997, Paperback

the quran prescribes jizyah in a jihadic verse, revealed about 631 a.d., i.e. about a year after the capture of mecca by the prophet in 630 a.d., envisaging compounding of refusal to embrace islam by paying jizyah. mohomed marmaduke pickthall translates the full verse thus: \'fight against such of those who have been given the scripture as believe not in allah nor the last day, ...
Hindu view of Christianity and Islam, 2nd edition
Ram Swarup
1995, Paperback

hitherto, scholars have looked at hinduism through the eyes of christianity and islam, but here an attempt has been made to discuss them from the viewpoint of hindu spirituality. the two prophetic religions have a long history of conflict but they also share a common spiritual perspective. almost from their birth, they have been systematic persecutors of pagan religions, cultur ...
In the path of God: Islam and political power
Daniel Pipes
2001, Paperback

the first two sections of in the path of god present a historical analysis of islam and politics; nearly two decades after the book\'s original publication in 1983, they stand up well. most ideas have been confirmed by recent experience and research, though with some exceptions. in contrast, the third section, islam in current affairs, can only be read today for an understandin ...
The story of Islamic imperialism in India
Sita Ram Goel
2015, Paperback

l6: general works & reference works, voice of india
Understanding Islam through Hadis: religious faith or fanaticism?
Ram Swarup
2001, Paperback

ram swarup (1919-1998) graduated from the university of delhi in 1941 and had been an original writer and thinker ever since. he participated in his country\'s struggle for independence, courting imprisonment. for some years, he was a close associate of british-born mira behn (miss slade), mahatma gandhi\'s adopted daughter. in the fifties he led a movement warning against the ...
Hindu temples: what happened to them, Vol.2: The Islamic evidence, 2nd enl. ed
Sita Ram Goel (b.1921)
2016, Paperback

the subject of this volume is not so much the destruction of hindu temples as the character of islam - an imperialist ideology of terrorism and genocide masquerading as a religion, in fact, as the only true religion. it is high time for hindus to see islam not with its own eyes but from the viewpoint of the great spiritual vision which is their inheritance.
Negationism in India: concealing the record of Islam, 2nd enl. edn.
Koenraad Elst
2016, Paperback

negationism in europe usually means the denial of the nazi genocide on the jews and gypsies in world war 2. less well-known is that india has its own brand of negationism. a section of the indian intelligentsia is trying to erase from the hindus\' memory the history of their persecution by the swords-men of islam. the number of victims of this persecution matches that of the na ...