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The road to Ayodhya
Dubashi, Jay
1992, Paperback

dr. dubashi acquired a taste for politics - and political writing - while working with krishna menon in london but soon outgrew that nehruist phase and is now its leading critic. he was adviser to union minister of industry in 1977 and is a member of the national executive of bharatiya janata party. his books include science, technology and industry and snakes and ladders. he i ...
The Ayodhya reference: the Supreme Court judgement and commentaries by Swapan Dasgupta et al
1995, Paperback

cases of the ramajanma bhumi--babri masjid had been rotting in the courts for over forty years. the controversy had led to great tension. the structure had been demolished. the president referred the core question to the supreme court. in spite of the way the matter had been handled earlier, a great deal was expected of the supreme court. after deliberating over the matter for ...
Profiles in deception: Ayodhya and the dead sea scrolls
Rajaram, NS (b.1943)
2000, Hardcover

dr. n.s. rajaram was born in mysore, india, in september 1943. he holds a b.e. degree in electrical engineering from b.m.s. college in bangalore and ph.d. in mathematical sciences form indiana university in bloomington, u.s.a. he is an internationally known researchers in computer science. for more than ten years, he was one of america\'s best-known workers in artificial intell ...
Ayodhya: the case against the temple
Elst, Koenraad
2002, Hardcover

the present book is my last contribution to the literature on what is known in india as communalism, meaning the conflict between the different religions, principally hinduism and islam. my first book in this sphere of interest was ram janmabhoomi vs. babri masjid: a case study in hindu-muslim conflict (1990). it served a good purpose, viz. to break the false impression that th ...
Ayodhya: the finale: science versus secularism in the excavations debate
Elst, Koenraad
2003, Paperback

science had made considerable progress, to the point of being able to decide many historical riddles such as whether a given site has a history as a place of worship. with the modern techniques available, it is rather absurd that there should be a controversy over such a simple and easily verifiable matter. it is incredible that there has been a yes/no game over the existence o ...