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Aryan invasion theory and Indian nationalism
Talageri, Shrikant G
2003, Paperback

history is a very potent subject. politics can be, and very often is, based on it. a nation which forgets, or falsifies, or wilfully ignores, or glosses over the lessons of its history is a nation heading towards doom. and, conversely, when a nation is intended to be sent to its doom, a process of falsification of its history can be profitably launched. indian history, as it is ...
The myth of the Aryan invasion of India, 3rd enl. edition
Frawley, David
2002, Paperback

this book was first written in 1994 in order to summarize important new information on the ancient history of india that refutes commonly held views on the subject inherited from the nineteenth century. it was a condensation of longer material from books of mine like gods, sages and kings, vedic aryans and the origins of civilization (with n.s. rajaram) and in search of the cra ...
Indo-Aryan origins and other Vedic issues
Nicholas Kazanas
2016, Paperback

this book contains studies by a well-known greek indologist who repeatedly considers the thorny problem of indoaryan origins and finds its solution in indigenism. the studies examine various aspects of the indo-european common heritage and of the vedic tradition. one study analyses the position of the early hittite culture in relation to the other ie branches and especiall ...
The problem of Aryan origins: from an Indian point of view, revised and enlarged edition
KD Sethna
1992, Hardcover

a vexed question is taken up in all its details and an answer elaborated with unconventional results. many of our pet ideas are shown to be baseless and the current division of aryan and dravidian which has caused a good deal of bad blood is resolved with the help of history, archaeology, literature and linguistics forming a comprehensive framework for the insights and res ...
Asterisk in Bharopiyasthan: minor writings on the Aryan invasion debate
Elst, Koenraad (b.1959)
2007, Hardcover

unlike many books on the aryan invasion debate, the present collection of papers does not promise to terminate the debate with a final judgment. it merely puts on record a number of arguments developed in recent years, mostly in an actual debating context: on the linguistic aspects, the astronomical chronology, some lesser-known political contexts, even the ego factor in the de ...
Vedic Aryans and the origins of civilization: fourth expanded edn. with additions on natural history, genetics and the cosing of Aryan myth
Rajaram, Navaratna & David Frawley
2014, Paperback

this is the fourth edition of the acclaimed work first published nearly twenty years ago. in this significantly expanded edition, the authors summarize the progress to date and set the stage for future research by incorporating recent discoveries in natural history like the toba explosion 75,000 years ago. this allows them to show vedic ideas and language to be late pleistocene ...
The Aryan invasion theory: a reappraisal, with a foreword by S.R. Rao
Shrikant G Talageri
2003, Hardcover

this works examines critically the evidence presented by the invasionist scholars, and points out its contradictions as well as its acrobatics. author presents positive evidence in support of his own thesis that india is the original homeland of the aryans. his most original contribution is the evidence he has marshalled from the puranas which alone provide the proper pers ...